I spent my first 26 years in Washington’s beautiful South Puget Sound region. Olympia is my candid, ever-progressive hometown where I attended Eastside Co-op Preschool, Lincoln Elementary, Washington Middle School, and Olympia High School. My affectionate parents wrapped me in their Canadian and North Dakotan roots; an interesting blend of food and culture. Both music and sports were encouraged and inevitably embedded in my youth. I tolerated a very brief fourth grade violin stint which lead to years of piano and choral longevity. Piano was never my strong suit, but it did accelerate my musical abilities and, more memorably, my choral accomplishments. Likewise, the many years of co-ed and competitive sports molded my interest in a healthy body and mind.

In the fall of 2008 I enrolled at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma – a city 27 miles north of home. At PLU I studied various subjects and eventually stumbled upon Sociology (PLU Department of Sociology). Learning and analyzing the elements of deviance, education, family, gender, religion, sexuality, and social stratification cultivated my deep understanding of social behavior and society. Additionally, my love of music accompanied me from high school to PLU. I was incredibly fortunate to perform in many PLU music ensembles, including the Choir of the West and PLUtonic Acappella. These groups provided many memorable trips and performances throughout the west coast and Western Europe. Overall, my university experience was both unique and memorable; a period of perpetual euphoria and growth. Plus, I met a special lady.

Erinn and I met in our first year at PLU. Our friendship spanned most of university before we kindled the fire. The two of us share a special group of life-long PLU friends. In July, 2015 we married, threw the greatest party of the 21st century, and enjoyed a kick-ass week in Hawaii. Erinn is my partner in life, my other half. Erinn is my spouse, my best friend, y mi bella. Above all else, Erinn is my companion.


Portland Zoo Lights, 2016


PLUtonic in Paris, 2011




Choir of the West at PLU, 2011