Bay Area Update

My travel update is much overdue – many weeks have come and gone since my last post. Finding creativity to write about my own life is a great challenge; writer’s block at its finest. When I’m not sleeping, eating, or working, I’m walking up and down iconic San Francisco streets and along the vast San Francisco Bay waterfront. Let me catch you up!

I’m a distance runner. I love exercise – it’s freeing. All my life I’ve had the ability to step outside my home, turn one way or the other, and start running. Simple enough, eh?That’s the luxury of living in a neighborhood outside of the city. Traffic lights exist sparingly. Dense traffic is rare. In stark contrast, I walk at least a mile through downtown San Fran to find a decent area to run. For the first time in my life, all my springtime running was in the sunshine and heat. I avoided this spring’s dreary drizzle in the PNW – an appealing change. My favorite run spans from Ghiradelli Square westward to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a beautiful five to seven mile run. But, getting to the square is almost a two mile walk.

FullSizeRender (8)

Close to midway point of my Square-to-Bridge run.

My most convenient and common run starts with a mile walk east through the financial district to the San Francisco Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. From there I run south, anywhere between three and five miles, to AT&T Park and back. The best part of the route is running along McCovey Cove behind the ballpark. I quickly added these two runs to my collection of Bay Area memories.

FullSizeRender (5)

McCovey Cove

FullSizeRender (6)

McCovey Cove

FullSizeRender (7)

Willie McCovey statue with the Bay Bridge stretching toward Oakland.

In early May I traveled to Toronto, Ontario for a regular and much anticipated family visit. The trip included numerous coffee house visits, jammin’ to Ed Sheeran’s newest album “Divide”, and late nights of tasty homemade grub and flavourful red wine (note my selection of flavour instead of flavor).  If you ever get the chance to visit Toronto, I urge you to go. It’s a beautiful city with plenty to experience.

FullSizeRender (4)

Aunt Marr and Pippin along the north shore of Lake Ontario

I must mention our favorite San Fran breakfast spot. Eats, a cozy American cafe, is located on the west side of town, just south of the Presidio. The menu offers the best variety of breakfast/brunch options and is packed full of people every weekend. What’s a common indicator of a great cafe or restaurant? Regularly adding your name to the list of those waiting to get it for the good stuff. Eats was worth the wait every time.

image1 (3)

Erinn’s cousin Kellen and her husband Andrew live in the Bay Area. We were blessed to spend quality time with them both in and out of the city.  In late May we hiked Angel Island State park, both around the island perimeter and to the summit of Mt Livermore. It was a stunning, clear day with beautiful views of San Francisco Bay. I highly recommend an Angel Island hike if you’re ever in the area!

image1 (2)

The Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, stretching across the mouth of the Bay


Looking north toward Tiburon and San Pablo Bay

Wrap up of our San Francisco exploring will be shared later this week, including some memories from my parents’ early June visit and the rest of our adventuring!


One thought on “Bay Area Update

  1. As always, good stuff. Nice writing and pretty photos. I now realize I didn’t reach McCovey’s statue the morning of my run because I turned behind the stadium and missed the leg around the cove. Oh well. I’ll catch it next time.


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