PDX to SFO (and everything in between)

March was by far the busiest month of travel I’ve ever experienced. To say we traveled frequently is an understatement. We enjoyed our last week in Portland, visited San Diego and Denver for long, friends-filled weekends, and moved to San Francisco. I even squeezed in a SW Washington cross-country ski day with Mom. Frankly, travel is expensive and tiring, but more than worth it when you spend that time with special people!

Our time in Portland was a wonderful combination of family, downtown PDX exercise and exploration, and high-quality coffee consumption. While Erinn dabbled in downtown exercise classes, I enjoyed many Esplanade walks/runs up and down the Willamette River.


Eastbank Esplanade along the Willamette River


PDX Union Station

Portland offers numerous high-quality coffee options and we definitely found our favorite. Fehrenbacher Hof is a cozy German coffee shop a few hundred feet from the Goose Hollow MAX station, nestled just behind Goose Hollow Inn. Both the coffee and food are exceptional! Fehrenbacher Hof is a must if you’re ever in the area.


Fehrenbacher Hof

I greatly miss Greenway Park, which sits just minutes away from Erinn’s childhood home in Beaverton. The morning and evening dog walks were perfect. Never too many people around and commonly quiet, Greenway Park is a great bird-watching green belt. One morning in particular, Jake (dog) and I observed a blue heron wading in the marsh for about ten minutes. We would have stayed longer, but Jake’s finite patience waned.


Greenway Park

Before our Northwest departure, Mom and I manage a trip to White Pass for some cross-country skiing. As usual, the setting was breathtaking and I barely kept up with Mom. She has decades of XC skiing experience and makes it look all too easy.


San Diego was an absolute blast. We met close friends from Nebraska, Michigan, and South Dakota for nothing but fun and were 100% successful. The weather was surprisingly mild (PNWish), but we took advantage of the sun breaks! Our visit included stops at La Jolla, Cabrillo National Monument, USS Midway, Little Italy, Balboa Park, and more.

FullSizeR1 (2)

La Jolla


La Jolla Seal/Sea Lion Party


Tide pool exploration at Cabrillo National Monument

FullSizeR1 (7)

Old Point Loma Lighthouse at Cabrillo National Monument

FullSizeR2 (3)

USS Midway

FullSizeR1 (4)

Little Italy

FullSizeR2 (1)

Spanish Village Art Center at Balboa Park

FullSizeR1 (6)

Balboa Park

The San Diego nightlife offered plenty to do, drink, and eat. Our group conquered The Great Escape Room, where we found ourselves trapped in an ancient Aztec temple. It happened. Believe it. There were moments I thought our lives were about to end, but with our brain powers combined we escaped at the very last minute (with ten seconds to spare). Significant credit awarded to Drew.

FullSizeR2 (2)

The Great Room Escape

Soon after the San Diego trip, we packed our bags and flew to Denver to watch our close friend Brendan Fitzgerald perform with the Colorado Bach Ensemble. He played the role of Jesus in St. Matthew Passion. The entire performance was outstanding; professional musicians really are spectacular. Brendan continues to amaze us with his musical abilities. Check out his CBE profile here!


Erinn & Brendan at dinner in Denver

March was as busy as ever. Erinn and I are now fairly settled in San Francisco, soaking up the new surroundings as we are able. Our home is the size of a grapefruit and cable cars regularly roll right past our tiny, temporary establishment. San Fran is big, busy, and known as a great walking city. How far have I walked so far? 216 miles in 22 days (thanks Fitbit). Watch for another blog post later this week! I have plenty of photos to share. Here’s a San Fran sample:

FullSizeR1 (2)

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park


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