Let’s Eat

I love food. Don’t you? If your response is “no” or “meh”, you must be kidding yourself. Food fuels the human body, cradles erratic emotions, and even sparks elaborate creativity. Eating food is one of my daily rituals, especially as an avid walker/runner/hiker; refueling is so important. In recent years I moved away from processed crap and focused on the real stuff: whole foods. Your body needs whole foods to operate properly. The additives and artificial substances in processed foods are awful for your body. Making a lifestyle change toward healthy, whole foods is challenging, and can require some guidance from others. Thanks to my Mom, her passion for farm fresh food somehow breached my young adult habits.

Mom continues to be an amazing cook. She’s timely, prepared, and adaptive. For those lucky enough to have tasted her paella, you know what I am referring to. While I am not much of a cook, I do prepare most of the food I eat and occasionally dabble with a new dish. Cooking is much enjoyable, but incredibly difficult, too. More frustratingly, cooking takes significant time out of my day (and likely yours, too).  A favorite remedy of mine is the occasional meal out.

When Erinn and I eat out, our plan is simple: find a restaurant with fresh food, an appealing menu, and affordable prices. How do we achieve this? We focus on breakfast! Breakfast sits hierarchically above lunch and dinner. Disagree with me? Let me briefly explain. For the sake of simplicity, let’s abandon lunch altogether. Dinner offers so many options it can be difficult selecting something from the menu. Once a selection is made, you might spend the next hour regretting your decision, wondering what could have been. This happens to me all the time. Instead, breakfast menus are relatively simple and consistent. You can find a traditional American breakfast anywhere. Additionally, if you overeat at dinner you can end up ruining your evening and possibly your night of sleep. Conversely, if you overeat at breakfast, you have all day to walk off the full belly. I could continue my breakfast versus dinner run-on, but want to move on to better things.

Portland, Oregon offers plenty of restaurant options and the food is spectacular. Unfortunately our personal pockets aren’t deep enough to try all the best spots in town, but I have a couple of favorites to tell you about!

Bijou, Cafe´ 

Near the Willamette River’s west bank, this cute cafe offers wonderful breakfast favorites with a French twist. The baked goods are tastefully fresh and organic avocado can be added to any breakfast (avocado makes everything better). Additionally, the local coffee is brewed to perfection and makes for a lengthy morning visit. If you are ever in Portland, Bijou, Cafe´ should be at the top of your to-do list!

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Fried Egg I’m In Love

Created and managed by a fellow PLU alum, Fried Egg I’m In Love is an excellent breakfast choice on the east side of Portland. This supreme food truck in the Hawthorne District offers scrumptious breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and mimosas. While it’s a food truck, you better call ahead if you want to grab-and-go. Many locals call in their orders because of the overwhelming popularity. I can understand the frustration for some, but I think it’s the best indicator of all. Check out the tasty menu!

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