TTNC Pilot

Travel is one of life’s essentials, with a firm foundation anchored in adventure, exploration, and inconsistencies. I absolutely love travel. Raised in a road trip oriented family, I ventured cross-country to reunions and historical landmarks throughout my early years. Numerous national park visits peppered our family travels in the spacious western United States. Again and again I struggled through the stale interstate drives and the inevitable youthful boredom, but the scenic spectaculars made the wait all the better. Nostalgia is now slowly pulling me back. Travel is calling out, baiting my unfenced future.

In September 2016 my other half, Erinn, completed her third year as a labor and delivery RN at Tacoma General Hospital’s Birth Center.  Erinn then shifted her career in a unique direction, snatching a position with Travel Nurse Across America. Erinn now contracts herself as an L&D RN throughout the United States. We are embracing travel’s unpredictability and the shedding of our possessions, better know as ‘stuff,’ has begun.

As we visit and explore different U.S. cities, I will share our particularly exceptional and captivating experiences with photos, details, stories, etc. I want to express the characteristics that make each city both culturally unique and vibrant!

Some sound advice when reading TTNC posts: brew a fresh cup of joe, find a comfy seat, sip the joe, relax, and (as necessary) repeat. Tea is welcome, too!

First stop: Portland, OR.


Crisp pine cone snow drops from the recent winter storm.


Old Town PDX.


Da Tung and Xi’an Bao Bao (Universal Peace and Baby Elephant) at the North Park Blocks in downtown Portland.

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